Sports Physicals

A sports physical is an examination typically required by a school for participation in athletics. The sports physical is meant to screen for any conditions that would need further evaluation prior for clearance to participate in athletics. The visit includes obtaining vital signs, height, weight, and vision, as well as a general physical examination from the provider. The school generally provides a copy of the Alabama High School Sports Association (AHSAA) sports physical form that you will need to fill out the health history questionnaire and bring into the clinic when you come for your visit. We can provide  the form if you do not have one prior to the visit. We are unfortunately not equipped to do collegiate sports physicals, as an electrocardiogram (ECG) is currently required for clearance by the NCAA.  If you have any other school, organization, or events physicals that need to be done, other than the standard AHSAA physical, we would be happy to look at the form in advance and let you know if we are able to complete it at our office.

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We understand that injuries often occur outside of regular office hours and require prompt attention and treatment.

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