DME and Casting

  • Types of DME Offered
    • OS1 offers a variety of DME, or Durable Medical Equipment including:
      • Crutches
      • Knee braces
      • Hand/Wrist braces 
      • Ankle braces
      • Boots
      • Slings


Casting and Splinting 

Casting and splinting are common treatments used to treat certain types of fractures. Your provider might choose a cast or splint depending on the type of injury, length of time since the injury, or which body part or bone is injured.   


Cast vs Splint

Both casts and splints in our clinic use fiberglass to support and immobilize the injury. The main difference between a splint and a cast, is that casts completely enclose the limb in molded fiberglass. Splints only enclose the limb on 1 side allowing the patient to loosen the wrap if needed to accommodate swelling. For this reason, splints are more commonly used directly after the injury when there is an increased risk that swelling will worsen, usually in the first 1 to 3 days after an injury. At a follow-up visit, the provider will transition from the splint to a cast or a brace, depending on the injury.

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